Netflix distribution in Chicago
Netflix Chicago Centers

I've been a happy Netflix customer for almost 2 years now, and in all that time, I've gotten my DVDs from three shipping locations. If you browse the Internets, you will find that Netflix has been accused or caught in the act of some devious tactics, known as throttling, for those customers who consume DVDs like Krispy Kreme donuts. OK, that was a terrible analogy, but you get the point- if you are too quick in watching/burning/whatever you do with the DVDs, they find ways to slow the pace of disks mailed to you.

Given that I return or receive only one to two disks per week, I would be surprised to see a disk show up from anywhere outside the Chicagoland area. Their addresses here are located in Bedford Park, Carol Stream, and Bedford Park. I sure haven't seen anything as far as Tampa, FL as a guy in Madison, WI did. However a disk from Bloomington, IL did show up the other day for no real reason. None of the disks I have right now are rare by any means.

Netflix distribution in Illinois
Netflix Illinois Centers

Anyway, as this blog post has no real point other than I hadn't used Google maps in a while to make something useful, I thought I'd leave you with the addresses I've seen. I couldn't find any up to date lists out there of shipping centers, but as far as the Chicago area goes I would be surprised if there are any more than what I've seen and listed below.

  • PO Box 805618, Chicago, IL 60680-4117
  • PO Box 5901, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5901
  • PO Box 2500, Bedford Park, IL 60499-2500
  • PO Box 2555,Blomington, IL 61702-2555