Cleaning out the Inbox

I finally took some time this weekend to clean up the email inbox on Gmail. While still far from being done, an inbox with only 256 emails feels a heck of a lot better than the 800 or so I was staring at on Friday morning. The majority of them have been the “oh, that is something I need to take a look at” type. How many of those six months out are useful? Not a whole lot. Hopefully I will slowly but surely clean up the rest of the junk err…important stuff this week and have it nicely labeled so things are actually actionable.

I fully intend to get back to those wonderful days of Inbox Zero which I did manage to do at one time—for about a week. I’m a bit more confident this time that I can keep the good habits up, although I really need to stay on track and do it both in my personal inbox and at work if I am truly going to make it happen.


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