The pacman 3.4.0 release went out last night without a whole lot of fanfare. Of course, it took two commits to git to get a tarball to even build, so that was a load of fun. We also already have two patches queued up for 3.4.1 after Allan and I noticed some minor issues last night, but what else would you expect out of a major release?

Thanks go out to those that contributed to this release. Notables are three guys that have been helping out for a long time- Xavier Chantry, Nagy Gabor, and Allan McRae. I'd also like to thank Cedric Staniewski who contributed 22 patches to this release- he is in the same ballpark as the rest of us as far as helping out. Finally, thanks to everyone else that helped, whether it be one small patch, a useful bug report, or doing translations.