Pacman 3.1.0 release

I released pacman 3.1.0 tonight after quite a bit of testing by some fellow Archers using my [pacman-git] repository. You can see the news release here, and the pacman website gives a bit more information as well.

I’m making this post mainly because I want to thank all those who helped make this release happen. We’ve had nearly 750 patches since the 3.0.X series of releases, and the effort shows. The code has undergone some huge changes for the better, with many parts being refactored and reworked for correctness. We’ve added over 70 pactests since 3.0.6 to help track down small but important issues in how pacman handles everything from file conflicts to versioned provisions. It is quite impressive what we can all get done in our free time.

I’d like to thank Andrew Fyfe for his great work on a complete rework of makepkg, which is now a great example of functionalized bash programming. Chantry Xavier has been a HUGE help to me the past few months, taking a lot of patches from the mailing list and collecting them in his GIT tree, not to mention all his own hard work fixing issues and implementing features. Nagy Gabor has found and helped fix several logic and consistency issues throughout the code base. Nathan Jones is just starting to get into some of the C code, but he has been showing some great work and potential. Finally, Aaron Griffin didn’t contribute as many patches as he may have liked, but I could always bounce anything of him that I was working on and get some great feedback.

Thanks also to anyone I didn’t mention above- you work isn’t forgotten by any means. And I encourage everyone to continue to improve what we have here- a rock-solid package manager for a rock-solid distribution.


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