With the release of kernel-eee-2.6.30-2 tonight, I've made the switch to KMS (kernel mode-setting) being enabled by default. Hopefully this will be a seemless transition for all as I've pulled in three patches to the build to ensure things are working well. This is the first time I've patched the vanilla kernel in some time, so you know I'm serious about this.

The biggest things to keep in mind when upgrading:

  • Any vga= or video= lines you may have in your grub command line should be removed with the change to KMS.
  • Ensure your userspace has been upgraded- you need a relatively new version of Xorg for this to work.

I didn't need to make any xorg.conf configuration changes once I pulled in the relevant patches, so hopefully the same applies for everyone else. Please let me know if you have any trouble with the upgrade (by leaving a comment) and I'll try to follow up here. If everything works great, feel free to speak up too. :)