For those of you using Arch Linux out there who don't regularly read the forums(Arch on Eee PC thread) or the wiki (Installing Arch on the Eee), you may not know that I have an Eee-specific repository of packages available. This repository includes the following:

  • kernel-eee - the primary motivation of making this repository was to build a kernel optimized for the Eee. This includes most required drivers built right into the kernel, drops a bunch of unnecessary modules from the stock Arch config, and is optimized for the right processor and possible RAM. It is also patched with an asus_acpi driver as well as the atl2 ethernet driver.
  • madwifi-ng-eee - the madwifi-ng wifi driver/module for the integrated Atheros wireless chipset. This is an SVN driver, although I failed to include this in the package name. I don't try to stay on the bleeding edge for fear of breakage, but I do update it to newer versions every so often.
  • linux-uvc-eee-svn - the driver/module for the integrated webcam.
  • eeepc-linux - a custom kernel module that allows you to adjust the fan speed and overclock the FSB on the eee. Seems dangerous, but not hard to maintain. Word of caution- I don't really use it.
  • luvcview - available in the Arch AUR, I put it here so people could just grab it. A super simple program to test your webcam.

As usual, I am using GIT for maintaining this little side project. My eee GIT repository holds all the stuff you would need to build your own version of this repository.